• What are my distinguishing characteristics?
    I enjoy exchanging views with and being active for others.

  • What are my distinguishing characteristics?
    I enjoy exchanging views with and being active for others.

About me

Natural | Positive | Open

These characteristics enable me to create positive contacts with potential candidates and thus to awaken their interest.

Tenacious | Professional | Consistent | Structured

Important qualities in order to perform recruiting assignments effectively, to build relationships based on trust and treat one another with respect as well as analyze presciently and prepare succinct reports.

Listen | Understand | Think Proactively | Solve

I listen carefully scrutinize motives and contents while motivating my clients (enterprises and candidates) to find long-term solutions.

My Background

After finishing my studies in economics I spent 13 years in various functions (finance, marketing, project management and sales) in the industry until 2004. Living in Paris at the time, I established my own business. Broadening my skills, I regularly attend further vocational training and hold certificates in suitability diagnostics, coaching and biography work.

My Private Interests

In my leisure time I like all kinds of sports, preferably outdoor activities. I also enjoy convivial cooking with friends and relax with yoga and painting.

Direct Contact I Headhunting

Observant | Representative | Convincing

Over the last 25 years the recruitment business has changed considerably: print advertisements are hardly of any interest and the internet no longer generates sufficient numbers of suitable candidates.  Direct contact, in the meantime the most popular vehicle, is no longer automatically successful either. It is now necessary to take a holistic approach to headhunting since potential candidates are sought-after on the market and likely to be choosy.

A topsy-turvy world? Possibly

  • Remain competitive
  • Remain attractive
  • Represent professionally

These challenges are to be faced when headhunting in order to attract suitable candidates.

I will assist you in this quest.

Personale meeting | Analysis

At a personal meeting we will jointly analyze your needs and your environment. We will discuss the requirements and personality of your future employee. – What can you offer, what makes your company different from others? This is the basis of our assignment. As the initial contact person for potential employees, I deploy my full repertoire for our joint success.



Coaching | questions | supports | finds solutions

A decision has to be made.

There are various paths but you
can’t decide which one to take?

You have a dream,

something you have been considering
for a long time without having taken
the time or had the courage to realize it?

You can’t see the wood for the trees?

Day-to-day routines are a grind
and you’re missing out on
the good things in life?

Possible scenarios for coaching and consulting


Such situations can often be improved. As a systematic coach and career adviser I devote my undivided attention to your concerns. I obtain background knowledge in joint discussions, pose questions in order to clarify matters so new paths will be opened up for you. I will gladly accompany you during your next steps.


Currently the video is in progress. Soon it will be published.


    Britta Schneider


    Talstrasse 70
    79194 Gundelfingen/Wildtal

    Telefon: +49 761 290 80 802
    Mobil: +49 160 99 18 55 02



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