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Career coaching is useful at every stage of one’s professional development. Be it promotion, re-orientation, resignation or dismissal, the search for passion and purpose, assessment of your status quo.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Career concept
    Which path do I want to take?
    What could a new impulse for my career look like?
  • Establishing your brand
    What are my areas of skills?
    Which values do I represent?
  • Motivators
    Are there tasks that I regularly postpone?
    Do I like and see the purpose of my daily work – what “lights my fire”?
  • Sovereignty
    Are there certain situations in which I present a different reaction to the one I want?
    Are there people who make me hit the roof?
  • Network
    How do I manage my relationships?
    What expectations do I have of my network?

Do you want sound feedback?
Would you prefer to obtain critical impulses or a neutral exchange of views?

No matter what your interests are – the years of experience I have as a recruitment consultant and coach constitute a sound basis for exploring new perspectives and for reflecting on past reaction patterns. Do not hesitate to contact me with your issues.


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